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We provide a caring, safe and secure community where seniors and the disabled can live a relatively independent lifestyle but also receive assistance with certain daily activities. These activities may include bathing, dressing, medication administration, and more. Our trained resident aides are on hand to help our residents perform these tasks safely, while still respecting their independence. 

Care and services are individualized to meet the residents needs. An assessment is done by the residents doctor prior to moving in. Each resident receives a service plan specific to their individual needs. In addition to that plan, we can assist with:


  • Medication coordination 

  • Incontinence management 

  • Coordination of lab and diagnostic tests 

  • Administer insulin 

  • Monitor blood pressure 

  • Wound care 

  • PT/INR testing 

  • Arrangement of rehabilitation therapy services 

  • Nutritious meals and special dietary needs 

  • Thickened liquids, mechanical soft and pureed diet 

  • Recreational and social opportunities 

  • Active and social environment



  • Trained staff available 24-hours a day 

  • Monthly wellness visits by a registered nurse 

  • Three well-balanced meals as well as snacks available throughout the day 

  • Medication management and pharmacy services 

  • Programs and activities 

  • Maintenance-free living, including housekeeping, trash removal and laundry 

  • Premium cable 

  • Phone line 

  • High speed internet/ Wi-Fi

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