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Assisted Living in Maryland

In Maryland, an assisted living provider is defined as: A residential or facility-based provider that provides housing and supportive services, supervision, personalized assistance, health-related services, or a combination of these services to meet the needs of residents who are unable to perform, or who need assistance in performing, the activities of daily living or instrumental activities of daily living, in a way that promotes optimum dignity and independence for the residents. Code of Maryland Regulations

Assisted living is a way to provide care to individuals who are having difficulty living independently, but do not need the daily skilled nursing services provided in a nursing home. Assisted living providers furnish a place to live, meals, and assistance with daily activities, such as dressing, bathing, eating, and managing medications. People who live in assisted living facilities generally have less complicated medical problems than people in nursing homes. Assisted living facilities also tend to have a less institutional look than nursing homes.

Maryland has a wide variety of assisted living providers. They range from large, corporate-managed facilities where hundreds of people live in their own apartments to private homes who provide services to a smaller group of people. What all of these providers have in common, however, is they all offer their residents some level of assistance with their daily activities, like dressing, bathing and eating.

Ways Assisted Living Providers Differ:

· Location;

· Facility size;

· Free standing facility vs. a campus type setting;

· Fees, what is included in the monthly fee varies widely;

· Visiting hours; bedtimes; wake-up times; mealtimes.

· Staff qualifications;

· Private room vs. semi-private room;

· Private bathroom vs. common bathroom;

· Experience and reputation of provider;

· Sponsorship: non-profit vs. for profit vs. religious affiliation;

· Ability to age in place: levels of care, potential for level of care waivers;

· Provider participation in Medical Assistance;

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